Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Documentary Goes Through The Father - 1888 Words

The documentary goes through the role the father play’s in every stage of a child’s life. Father’s relationship’s begins before birth; children can recognize the mother’s voice while she is pregnant but when the father speaks the child reacts more. The documentary also talks about body changes in the father soon after getting his partner pregnant. There is a hormonal change in the father, which causes physical changes. Dr. Brennan did research that showed 55% of the men he conducted his research on had symptoms that most associate with pregnant women. That is known as a couvade syndrome which happens with the increase of prolactin. Experiment conducted showed that prolactin increases after a 15 minute period of a father holding his baby†¦show more content†¦Once a toddler, the physical play with child and father can help their children to learn. They learn how to push their limits and take risks with specific physical play. According to th e documentary, father plays a more important role than mothers in language development because they talk to their children like adults and not with â€Å"baby talk†. In the documentary, kids are told to describe what their parents do for them and they draw their father as the parent they play with and their mother cleaning and cooking for them. The dad is seen as the entertainer and the mother as the nurturer. Single fathers are also capable to take care as single mothers are but are done very differently. Some of those differences from single mothers are that single father have more emphasis to teach their children to be more independent. Single fathers create more of a daily routine in contrast to single mothers. Hardest role for the father to play is when their children become teenagers. Once their child becomes a teenager they are no longer the entertainers but the disciplinarian. The documentary states that fathers are more effective at controlling teenager behavior whe n they explain the rules rather than punish them, which is done better by fathers rather than mothers. In the documentary two different families are brought in for an experiment to show the difference of discipline with mother and father. The experiment shows that mothers

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