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Abortion as an Ethical Issue Essay -- Papers Morals Abortion Pregnancy

Abortion as an Ethical Issue In recent years, abortion has become one of the world’s most discussed ethical issues. This has made a huge impact on both men and women’s lives. There are many different views on abortion dating back from the Old Testament to the present day. I intend to show you all of abortion’s conventional arguments. I hope to establish few of these views;  · The Christian views on abortion  · Views that support and oppose abortion  · My personal opinions on the subject of abortion My coursework will include different factors to use in discussion including a definition of abortion, Biblical quotes and references, issues of rape and incest. The following questions (below) on the subject of abortion will be answered in this coursework: a. (i) What is meant by ‘abortion’? (ii) What Biblical and Church teachings might be used in a discussion about abortion? b. Explain how Christians might put their beliefs about Abortion into action. c. ‘Abortion is never justified’ – Do you agree? Give reasons to support your answers and show that you have thought about different point of views. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. August 2003 Ramin Rouhani What is meant by the word ‘abortion’? The definition of abortion by law is the premature expulsion of a human foetus from the womb. There is more than one type of abortion, spontaneous and induced. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is naturally occurring termination of a pregnancy causes inside the mother’s womb. Induced abortion is when the foetus is terminated from the mother’s womb surgically or medically. T... ...cerned is wanted or handicapped, it follows that the destruction of unborn life is always wrong.† LIFE Campaign The Humanists agree that everyone has the right to freedom of choice, because opinions are different of when the life of a foetus begins, the minority that is Catholic Church has no right to impose it’s view on others. An open society must respect the rights of the people for the choice of their future, so religious views should not be forced upon the people who do not choose to listen. Every human has the right to want to be a wanted child. Induced abortion brings a solution to the future of unwanted children being born every year. No child deserves to be unwanted or unloved because of poor education and a lack of contraception, which is what would happen if abortion could not be justified.

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