Sunday, November 24, 2019

John Belushi LIfe History essays

John Belushi LIfe History essays When thinking of great physical comedians, one cannot over look the name of John Belushi. Belushi's style was one of a kind when he burst on to the scene, which left him centered out among fellow cast members. The style he brought to the table was normal level of slapstick, times by one hundred and ten percent. Johns career began got started in February of 1971 when John went to Chicago to audition for the Second City. At the age 22 years old was the youngest ever to get the job. As a cast member he played many different characters ranging from the mayor of Chicago to Hamlet, to singer, Joe Cocker. Johns Impression of Joe had a voice perfect for the imitation, his body movements were erratic and quick and as he sang he poured beer down his shirt and laid down and spit it up in the air. To say the least, John nailed that one gained him a lot of attention in the fall of his first year and it alone was paving the road for things to come. The spring of 1972 marked 14 months with Second City, it was time to move onto other things. Moving on for John was going to work on the Lemmings show. This was a parody show that mocked popular musicians and pretty much everything under the sun. For about three years Johns Joe Cocker impression continued to bring down the house. In early 1975 a new show was looking for comedians for a late-night show targeted to a younger audience. The show was Saturday Night Live. While many of Johns friends were getting auditions, Lorne Michaels was not sure about Belushi. Lorne said Hes too loud, too hard and too self centered, but with some persuasion he gave him an audition. For the audition John did a character that he had been practicing for a while. The character was a mute Japanese samurai. It was a huge hit. Not only did he get the job, but the samurai was one of Johns recurring characters on the show. And whether he was making a sandwich or pla...

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